Thank you for your contributions to the greatness of each child and family!

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Great Day Family Connections Inc 

5301 Snapfinger Park Drive

Decatur, GA 30035

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Phone: (770) 560-3142

Vision Statement:

Families are engaged with the educational and social development of their children. The community no longer sees the “disability” of individuals but the various abilities and skills that are possessed; establishing an integrated community of individual acceptance and accessible resources. We are all not able to do somethings, however we all have the ability to many things!

We would love to have you connect with us as a Partner; become a donor, volunteer or sponsor.

Great Day Family Connections, Inc. believes you should be able to control or know how your money is spent. Choose from any of the links below to purchase an item for a child, a parent or a program. However, if you prefer to keep it simple, monetary donations or gift cards are also welcomed. 

Visit the "Contribute to Greatness Box” on the top left of each page and choose how you would like to be a donor to a child, parents or a program.

Support an event, program or child. Contact us for additional information

Check out our calendar of events to see volunteer opportunities. 

All volunteers will be asked to provide a completed background check (within the last 90 days) or complete a background check. (Safety for the children we serve is our priority, therefore we reserve the right to deny individuals with questionable background results. No substances, alcohol or drugs, are permitted. Language must be respectful, appropriate and suitable for all children and adults)

Visit the "Contribute to Greatness Box "on the top left of each page and choose how you would like to Partner with a child, the parents or a program.

Programs and suggested purchases:

Teaching Literacy and Communication (TLC)

Buy a book from Usbourne Books Each book purchased generates free books for the TLC program

TLC Gifts for Participants. Build a basket or a box. Most vendors below support children who are deaf, hard of hearing or non-verbal)

Mary Kay

SEE's Candies

Pampered Chef

Dawn Signed Press

Harris Communications

Usbourne Books